Four Generation Skydive

Robert Baker, 90 years young and looking for a slightly unusual way to celebrate his milestone birthday, gathered four generations of Baker's and got their knees in the breeze over St Kilda, Melbourne.

ROBERT B. 0230
Robert Flying high above Melbourne

Bob's daughter, Deb, had been planning this all-out family fun day since Bob cheekily mentioned he wanted to "parachute out of a plane" for his 90th birthday. And my, didn't she do a fab job pulling the party together!

Joining Bob (1st gen) in the skies over the weekend were nine of his family members; Bob's son John (2nd gen), John's son Dylan (3rd gen), Dylan's daughter Naomi (4th gen), plus relatives Raigan, Nicholas, Ben, Taita, Mandy and Brent. Add to that forty family and friends watching from below on the day, and The Today Show filming the festivities, this sure was one birthday bash Bob won't be forgetting in a hurry!

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ROBERT B. 0301
The welcome back party


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